100% Solid Epoxy - 10yr MFR Warranty!

100% Solid Epoxy - 10yr MFR Warranty!

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This is our standard epoxy used as a base and / or top coat . This 100 % solids epoxy has very low viscosity and is ideal for any metallic system when a smooth and self-leveling finish is desired. Maximum work time and pot life make this material ideal for creating a wide range of effects with metallic powders or when using as a basecoat in a broadcast system. Coverage on bare concrete is 200 Ft^2 / Gallon. Cover- age if used as a metallic coat is 70 to 110 Ft^2 / Gallon.

Description: 100% Solids Industrial & Commercial Epoxy Floor Coating

This Epoxy is a 100% solids, advanced technology of diglycidyl ether of bisphenol-A resin reacted with a modified multiple ring cycloaliphatic amine adduct activator. The resulting polymer structure is extremely tough, formulated with “Anti-Scratch” to increase wear resistance. This Epoxy exhibits very good chemical resistance to corrosive waters and various other chemicals and it is resistant to amine blush. The product is packaged in pre-measured 2:1 kits. This Epoxy is an attractive epoxy floor coating designed to provide penetration, wetting and sealing of substrates and surfaces for improved appearance and long term protection. It is formulated to be hard, durable, impact and abrasion resistant.



    • Chemical Resistant
    • Solvent Free
    • Seamless – High Build Coating
    • Hard Wearing & Abrasion Resistant
    • Low Maintenance
    • Excellent Adhesion Properties
    • Impact Resistant
    • Meets USDA Requirements For Incidental Food Contact
    • Self-Leveling
    • Easy Application Features
    • Combine with decorative vinyl chip, quartz & metallic additive to create an attractive and durable finish